In this project, I made a designboard for a commercial for TEAPPO.
Teappo is a tea company, its main source of tea in Taiwan. Their product includes loose-leaf tea, tea powder, and tea sachets, main product is oolong tea. They have a passion for artisan tea and want to bring it to the world.

Link to the animation of this project: TEAPOO Commercial


I searched about the history of oolong tea, and a legend caught my attention. I hope to tell this story in this advertisement. It is said that a dragon god violated the rule of heaven and was demoted to earth. He arrived at Oolong Town and was saved by local people when he lost his magic power. Later, there was an epidemic in this place. The dragon god used his dragon pearl and turned it into a tea tree. The tea saved the villagers. The tea produced by this tea tree is oolong tea.
On the other hand, it is said that oolong tea has the effect of prolonging life. It was brought by the dragon god and has the effect of prolonging life, reminded me of a line in the poem, translated to English: "The god touched my head, and gave me the Longevity "I can find a song with this line, which would be suitable as a soundtrack. It combines the story and also mentions the benefits of the product.

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