For this project, I was making a desigboard for the video projecting on the wall, as the background of a presentation using light and shadow created by glasses. The video is supposed to show the characteristics of the artist, and also not grab the audience's attention so they can focus on the presentation. 
CONCEPT | Agnés Varda

There is a fairytale-like feeling in Agnés Varda’s movies, which usually have cheerful music and relaxed tones. However, the theme of expression is always realistic and serious.
I want to use round, and soft shapes to echo the cheerful tone, and black and white color and structural composition to give it a serious feeling.
1. I used circles for Le bonheur, Cleo from 5 to 7,Les Fiancés Du Pont Macdonald
2. I used plastic for Vagabond, The Gleaners and I
3. I used beam/ wave shape for The Beaches of Agnés, and director’s name
4. I enlarged the text, use different font for year and name of movie

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