Hello! My name is Yang Jiaru, a junior student at Savannah College of Art and Design, and my major is motion media.
I come from China, Inner Mongolia. I have loved drawing since I was a child, and I also like to watch animation and comics. When I was in high school, I decided that I wanted to study design and art in the future. Because this is my hobby, I hope to learn more knowledge and skills through professional study and get further development in this field. Although I sometimes hear other people say that we should not make hobbies become our career, I think it would be a pity that when I see my favorite design works, I only know that they are good, but I don't know why they are good, and I don't know how to achieve them. I want to know more and be closer to the artists and works I love.
When I first entered SCAD, I declared animation instead of motion media as my major. Later, in the first animation class, anim190, after a discussion with the professor, I found this major, Motion Media is the major I am actually interested in, so I took the class the next semester. I think that compared with the major animation, although I am still working on motion, animation, or video, I can have more opportunities to design and think. From the beginning, research and ideation part, to the end, adjustment of the details in the video, we are constantly thinking and designing. This attracts me more.
I hope that in the next year, I can make more attempts in the following courses, and clarify my style to prepare for my career in the future.
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