“…surely the broadest palette of any comparable festival in the world, ranging from country to folk to jazz to chamber… This can be a place to immerse yourself for a few days, with breaks to enjoy the glories of Savannah in peak azalea season.”
– Classical Voice North America
The client of this project is Savannah Music Festival, an internationally renowned music festival that is dedicated to presenting timeless and adventurous productions.
I want to keep the elegant feeling in their original poster,  also focus on the element ticket, and use paper texture.
As for storytelling, I want to show the record at the beginning, but in the end, the ticket will be torn, and we can see the actual azalea specimen behind the ticket which means the view came to the festival, listen to the music in person and see the flower.
1. Based on the feedback in class, I found I can bring a more organic feeling (like what I have in frame 4) to the other three frames.
2. I decided to add more orange color and petals
3. I made the halftone and texture lighter
4. Show more transitions in the second frame.
Development - "organic"/ "petals" | Savannah Music Festival

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