For this project, I want to make a promotional video for Tencent Animation Festival, an event held by Tencent Video on August 8, 2022. Tencent video is a streaming service that offers tv series, animation, and films. At this event, Tencent Video released nearly 100 animations, including animations which already been broadcast and will be broadcast soon.

Most of them are adapted from online novels. Tencent also has the largest online novel platform in China. Online novels are one of the major entertainment industries in China. The most popular themes are Xianxia("immortal heroes", a genre of Chinese fantasy heavily inspired by Taoism and Chinese mythology) and Wuxia ("martial heroes", also a genre of Chinese fiction but focuses on Chinese martial arts. ), which are very traditional Chinese themes. Therefore I want to include traditional elements in my project, such as ancient clothing and building, dragon, and ink.

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