In this project, I want to make a lyric video of the song "Happy Face"
The theme of this song is to pretend to be happy or create a perfect persona for yourself. In this song, we can hear many voices repeating "Put on your happy face" which makes me feel like everyone is forcing you to fake being happy.

This song reminds me that nowadays people usually catfish online, only show the good part, or specific part of themselves to please others. Therefore, In the lyric video, in order to express this theme,  I want to use social media elements to show how people fake being happy, and some street art elements to create contrast, because street art sometimes can be a representation of showing the true ideas.
As for color and font, I want to use fluorescence color and san serif font to give it a modern feeling.
Glitch | Bizarre | Ostentatious | Fluorescence Color | Street Art

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