For this project, I want a title sequence for the novel “The Tale of College”. “The Tale of College/ The Tale of the Secondary College” (二级学院怪谈) is a short online novel published on " A Island "(A岛, an anonymous forum) by DXt7b4b.
This is a "rule-based tale" which is a popular online novel type on A Island, usually written in the form of rulebooks and letters. These rules are often horrific, and readers would search for ways to survive and the truth by comparing and reasoning the information in each piece/chapter.
This novel comprises a weird campus handbook, letters, and notes. Through this information, the approximate truth of the event is that a powerful unknown existence, possibly an evil god, has appeared in an ordinary secondary college, while the humans in the college are trying to summarize its characteristics and confront it. Although this is a horror novel, the tone is passionate.

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